Alfa Laboratories Limited was incorporated in Nigeria on 25th April, 1986. Its main focus is in the provision of analytical and consulting services in the areas of quality assurance of food, drugs, cosmetics, water, chemicals, petroleum and petrochemicals, industrial raw materials and related products. The company also undertakes environmental consultancy services.


The ultimate goal of Alfa laboratories Limited is to be the preferred leader in the provision of analytical and environmental consultancy services nationally and attain a respectable status internationally, as a dependable partner in industrial development.


Alfa Laboratories Limited as a business enterprise is committed to success based on vision, fair play and the appropriate and responsible exploitation of resources, always taking advantage of the growing frontiers of science and technology and according pride of place to the interests of our clients.

To this end the company shall continue to endeavour to play its full role in the nation’s effort to bridge the yearning gap in this part of the world for efficient and dependable industrial laboratory services through the use of highly trained and motivated staff as well as the latest appropriate technologies available.